Do banks finance?
Yes, we know the banks that will finance our vehicles and that accept our branded titles. After 30 years of assisting and providing financing to customers we have got it down a few factors: Based on your credit and your current financial situation, and where you are located we will recommend what would be the best bank for you to apply with.

Can I register the car and put Insurance on the car?
Yes, after the vehicle has passed the State Inspection, it is insurable and registerable just like any other car.

Are your prices negotiable?
No, we have a strict No-Haggle Price policy. We advertise our vehicles exceptionally low to sell all over the country and the world at well below market value.

Why do you only buy cars from Insurance companies in the salvage industry?
I find cars that are taken away from people without them having any knowledge of it much less misrepresented so the quality that I can get by buying things as they were when they were taken from somebody

Can you provide a Carfax?
No. we are not a Carfax dealer we are much more concerned about real true facts and story behind the car. We believe in paint meters and visually inspecting the car for care, maintenance, and quality.
Carfax just buys information from the Motor Vehicle Department without any real investigation.

What warranty do I get from imports unlimited?
If the vehicle is a non-damaged flood recovery car than the Warranty for flood related issues are covered for the life of the car. All vehicles 2014 and newer come with a 60-day or 3000 miles bumper to bumper.
We also do offer extended warranties, please call for details

Are extended warranties available?
Yes. We do have extended warranties through our highly reputable partner Gold Standard Automotive available please call for details for a price and to see which warranty fits you best.

Can I have the vehicle transported?
 Yes. We set up transportation for our customers all over the country very inexpensively using our Central Dispatch system.

Can I have an independent inspection?
Of course, we are very thorough in our inspection before advertising, but third-party inspections are more than welcome. A second set of eyes will help to ensure that we have been thorough with the vehicle ourselves and reassure our customers that they are getting a quality product.

Do I have to worry about rust?
No. The vehicles we buy mainly come from the south where they do not salt or sand the roads so there is truly little if any rust, unlike the vehicles of New England.

What happens when I go to sell it?
It is sellable now like any other car. However, you will need to sell it at a price lower than the market value, the savings you get today is substantial. The longer you keep the vehicle, the amount of money you save taken off the value for 5 years from now creates a huge discount making it extremely easy to sell with that amount of discount.

Are there additional fees?
We do have a dealer conveyance fee if you are an In-State customer of $389, and if you are out-of-state customer it is $364. Also, if you are registering the vehicle in CT there will be taxes and registration fees due at moment of sale, but if you are an out state customer you will be responsible for paying those fees to the desired state of registration.